Friday, May 27, 2011

Cocoa Honors

with this!
This is a short documentary about the program I have participated in over the last two years. This program, Cocoa Honors, is what opened to door to my upcoming (I leave 1 week from today!) journey to Africa and fueled my passion for both giving back and Tanzania.

We replaced this...
The documentary was done by a Central High student, Kenzi Inman, and a former Central student Sara Swango, who was also a member of Cocoa Honors. This documentary just won an Emmy in the documentary category of high school broadcast journalism. Cocoa Honors was an amazing, and life changing opportunity for all involved, so take a look at the documentary and see what started this whole crazy adventure!
Cocoa Honors documentary

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Roof of Africa!

 I don't climb mountains. In fact, the closest thing I've done to climbing a mountain ended up looking something like this. I'm on the far left, and obviously I was having a ball. 
               Yet here I am, preparing to spend a week this July climbing the highest mountain in Africa,  Mt. Kilimanjaro. I will walk around 40 miles through five different climate zones (savannah, montane forests, heather, alpine desert and glacial plateau) before I reach the 19,300 foot peak. This video clip is a trailer for an IMAX movie on Kilimanjaro that I recently watched. I cannot believe I will be there so soon! The end of high school has flown by.

I will be climbing by way of the Machame route; more details on what exactly the climb will consist of later!