Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Roof of Africa!

 I don't climb mountains. In fact, the closest thing I've done to climbing a mountain ended up looking something like this. I'm on the far left, and obviously I was having a ball. 
               Yet here I am, preparing to spend a week this July climbing the highest mountain in Africa,  Mt. Kilimanjaro. I will walk around 40 miles through five different climate zones (savannah, montane forests, heather, alpine desert and glacial plateau) before I reach the 19,300 foot peak. This video clip is a trailer for an IMAX movie on Kilimanjaro that I recently watched. I cannot believe I will be there so soon! The end of high school has flown by.

I will be climbing by way of the Machame route; more details on what exactly the climb will consist of later!

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