Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out of Touch

    • Descending from Uhuru peak, above the clouds, at sunrise

      Being back in Kyela has been great, but not as amazing as seeing impact that the efforts of so many, from so far away, has had on the school. Even though my time here has been short (I leave tomorrow), it has been busy and productive! Kellen, Daudi and I have spoken to the students at the secondary school all 3 days and I greatly enjoyed being able to speak Swahili with the students and teachers. The internet here is very poor so I haven't yet been able to post about my time on Kilimanjaro and in Zanzibar but will do so shortly! Tomorrow Kellen, Daudi and I catch the bus for the 12 hour ride to Morogoro and then Friday we will go the final 9 hours back to Arusha. I can't wait to share my experiences - as soon as the internet decides to let me!

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